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Frequently asked questions about vOucher



How to realize a free shipping for digital gift cards?

To be hones - this is a bit tricky. Of course it doesn't make sense to calculate shipping costs for digital goods. To apply this correctly, all physical products must have a weight. It does not have to be the actual weight - everything greater than one Gramm is also fine, if you don't need it for any other purpose. Digital products like vOucher gift cards must then have no weight. Afterwards you can adjust the shipping cost calculation depending on the weight. Basically you define a free shipping from 0 - 1 gram, and your regular shipping from 1 gram to 1.0000... kilograms.

Note! This doesn't work vice versa! To ensure that the shipping costs are calculated correctly even with mixed shopping carts (physical and digital goods), it is only possible using the above method.

If you have a large catalog, it's probably quite a bit of work to define weights for all your products manually. However, there are some possibilities to edit the article data in bulk. Check out the Lightspeed documentation for further details.


Remaining values - What if a customer doesn't spend the whole amount of the gift card at once?

Well - as vOucher is based on the Lightspeed internal coupon system, it doesn't support remaining values. However, if a customer doesn't spend the whole amount at once, you'll notice that along the incoming order and you can easily adjust an reactivate the related coupon code directly in your Lightspeed backoffice. But as far as we can see in our analyses, this really happens very rarely.


Is it possible to redeem more than one code at once?

No. As the codes are based on the Lightspeed internal coupon system, it is limited to one code per purchase only.


Is there an expire date vor the coupon codes?

No. Well, actually there is an expire date, but far far in the future (like 15 years+). This is for technical reasons, because Lightspeed coupon codes require an expiry date. But because it is a paid voucher, it is supposed not to expire. In fact it is like a credit you can use like a payment method somewhen in the future. This should probably also be a legal requirement in most countries.


The gift card gets sent even if it has not been paid yet! That's wrong, isn't it?

That't not a bug - it's a feature! ;) If someone has forgotten the wedding day and urgently needs a last-minute gift, they can buy a gift card and print it out immediately. Even at 3am. But don't worry - the code will only be activated after the order has been marked as "paid".


Where can I find the generated codes?

As vOucher is based on the Lightspeed internal coupon system, you can see all generated codes directly in the backoffice of Lightspeed (see Marketing -> Discount Codes).  You can also see the codes at notes/memo directly at the related order as soon as they have been generated and sent.


How can customers redeem the vOucher codes?

Since vOucher is based on the Lightspeed internal discount coupon system, customers can easily use the codes in the checkout. Just like any other discount code.


Can I get my own gift card design?

Yes - sure! To design you own template you can download an example. The template contains the predefined border margins as well as the area for the voucher value and the code. Please keep the original dimensions and design areas. Apart from value and code, no other text or graphics are automatically rendered into custom cards.... so make sure you include important stuff like logos and URLs directly in the template. Even if pixel graphics works, we recommend using as much vector as possible. Especially with fonts the difference in quality is very obvious. Please make sure to convert the fonts into curves before exporting as we do not support individual font types.

Send your custom PDF template along with your Shop-ID to app@viewsion.net

The first custom template is for free. For additional submissions / templates we charge a service fee of 25,00 EUR (excluding VAT) each


The Customer didn't receive the eMail with the code - what's wrong?

Most of the mails get delivered properly. However, there is no guarantee and a wrong spam detection cannot always be prevented.  Some spam filters are very sensitive and different everywhere. We are constantly trying to optimize this, but this can still happen. As shop owner you'll receive a copy of any outgoing mail. So in case a mail gets lost, you'll have a backup to re-send to the customer. Since the mail copy is sent only after the original mail has been successfully sent to the customer, it is also a kind of receipt for the completed sending process. 


Is it possible to customize the content and layout of the sent email?

The email is based on a global template that is the same for all app users. Since the actual voucher can be customized and the email itself is actually only a "system mail", this should normally not be necessary. But on request we can also customize the eMail itself. However, this is a chargeable, individual customization, which is billed according to effort. Simple text adjustments are relatively quick to implement, more complex layout adjustments can take several hours.


I have several variants with different amounts (e.g. 10,-, 20,- 50,- ...). Do I need a separate vOucher set for each of them?

Absolutely not! Since the gift card amount is taken from the actual article price, you can also use the same article-code (or custom sku on retail) for each of them.  Different vOucher sets are only necessary if you want to use different template designs, or if you absolutely need different identifiers for your order processing. Otherwise one set is fine.